Zwetschgendatschi, a German-Austrian plum cake, is also widely known as Zwetschgenfleck in Austria and Zwetschgenkuchen in Germany.

It is a nice coffee cake or summer dessert. Because in August fresh local prune plums are available, this is the time to enjoy it. And since we like thins fresh, we are only offering this traditional German & Austrian cake only during the summer months.

The fruity and juicy plums on a smooth dough, topped with a hint of cinnamon and sugar and nice crumbs make a coffee cake you can’t resist! Sweet but not too sweet.

plums, wheat flour, sugar, butter, milk, egg, yeast, lemon zest

by the slice (3 x 3.25 inch) and as whole pie (aprx. 15 slices).
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Would you like to bake your own home made cake? See our Zwetschgendatschi recipe!

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