Mini Yeast Gugelhupf

Viennese Gugelhupfi

With these classic Viennese miniature yeast – raisin Gugelhupfis with a compact texture you can easily impress your in-laws. Just remove our nice box, place the Gugelhupfis on nice porcelain, brew some coffee (we recommend Dallmayr in that case) and say that you’ve just baked them. That’s fine with us. Oh, and please cover them with powdered sugar! That makes them look even nicer.

add to basketINGREDIENTS: egg , (wheat) flour, milk, butter, raisins, sugar, yeast, salt
AVAILABLE: 6 for $ 9; 1 oz each, for online order, and any quantities for wholesale (restaurants and gourmet stores), catering and local delivery in NYC and Detroit

Viennese Mini GugelhupfiViennese Gugelhupfi with powdered sugarMini Yeast GugelhupfAustrian GugelhupfViennese coffe cake