Speck Gugelhupfi with water and beer

Speck Gugelhupfi

Miniature Speck Gugelhupfis of firm but also fluffy texture are great for your lunch break. Or for the next game of the German soccer team! This savory snack is made from yeast dough with Speck from the Black Forrest. You just add some tomatoes and a couple of pickles and your “Brotzeit” (that’s how we call a snack or lunch break in Bavaria, Germany) is ready. They go great with lemonade or with a nice locally brewed beer.

add to basketINGREDIENTS: egg , (wheat) flour, milk, butter, ham (pork), sugar, yeast, salt
AVAILABLE: 6 for $ 9; 1 oz each, for online order, and any quantities for wholesale (restaurants and gourmet stores), catering and local delivery in NYC and Detroit.

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