Marzipan Stollen Slice

Marzipan Stollen

Launched for the first time in the Christmas season 2012, the Marzipan Stollen expands the “Keksies” Brand product range with an important product. Marzipan Stollen is available in our shop as classic version and also as a GLUTEN FREE version.

shop now keksies.comINGREDIENTS: (wheat) flour OR gluten free flour, raisins, candied fruits, clarified butter, marzipan, sugar, almonds, yeast, milk, rum, lemon, salt
AVAILABLE: in loaves, 22 oz each, for online shoppingwholesale (restaurants and gourmet stores), catering and local delivery in NYC and Detroit

Marzipan Stollen SliceGluten Free Marzipan StollenChriststollenMarzipan Stollen