Krautspatzen to go


Krautspatzen are not so famous like Käsespätzle for example but definitely a great southern German main course too. “Spätzle” (thats how the German homemade pasta is called) are tossed with Sauerkraut and Black Forrest ham and seasoned with caraway.

INGREDIENTS: wheat flour, sauerkraut, ham (pork), water, caraway, salt
AVAILABLE: by the glass 5.4 fl oz/9.8 fl oz $3/5 for wholesale (restaurants and gourmet stores), catering and local delivery in NYC and Detroit.

Krautspatzen in Weck jarKrautspatzen to goTraditional KrautspatzenKrautspatzen as a snackPackaged KrautspatzenKrautspatzen for Delivery9.8 fl oz Krautspatzen