Keksies – German & Austrian Holiday Pastries “Weihnachtskekse”

3 Keksies Gift Box SizesOur famous Weihnachtskekse brand stands for all of our German & Austrian Holiday pastries like Zimtsterne, Vanillekipferl, Lebkuchen and more.

In Germany and Austria holiday cookies for Christmas are called “Weihnachtsplätzchen”, “Weihnachtskekse” or just “Kekse”. This is where our brand name Keksies is derived from. It is the diminutive of the word Kekse. We bake all cookies from scratch after traditional Bavarian recipes. And we also use the ingredients which our grandmother’s have already been using. So you will not only get delicious but also all natural cookies delivered to your door.

Our gift boxes with assorted pastries come in three different sizes in traditional tins. We call the different sizes “Neighbor” (6 ct), “Son In Law” (18 ct) and “Favorite Grandson” (36 ct). Their name says it all. Read more about sizes and names at the gift box section.

Sorted christmas cookies come by the dozen and are wrapped in lovely translucent bags which give them a shiny finish. See all available varieties of Christmas cookies and Weihnachtsgebäck like Marzipan-Stollen in our shop.keksies logo round