2PENZ, a couple of the best tastes of Bavaria, Germany & Austria


Who or what is the 2 PENZ?

Mr. and Mrs. Penz, we are 2 founders. That’s the short explanation.

2 Penz New York

 The 2 PENZ. Mr. & Mrs. Penz, New York

One of our founders was born and raised in Bavaria, Germany and the other founder was born and raised in Austria. And so “The 2 PENZ – a couple of the best tastes of Bavaria, Germany & Austria” stands for a married couple which brings some of the best foods that Bavaria, southern Germany and Austria has got to offer to New York City.

What we do?

2 PENZ is a New York City based food manufacturer specialized in fresh fine foods from Bavaria, Germany and Austria. Certainly a fully licensed and insured business. (Every German would be surprised that it is necessary to mention that. But since we’ve moved from Germany to the U.S. we’ve learned that its actually useful mentioning it.)

How did everything start?

Everything started when both were working in their main job in Hamburg, Germany. One as an automotive engineer the other as an online entrepreneur. While doing some search engine optimization one figured out that keywords like “selbstgemachte Weihnachtspl√§tzchen online bestellen”, which could be translated with the english keyword “order homemade Christmas cookies online”, were relatively popular during the winter months. So they decided to deliver! A simple website was created quickly and some of grandmother’s family recipes were tried out too. It was easier to get customers to the website than to bake grandmother’s distinctive and complex Christmas cookies. So they had to figure out more than just one of the secrets of the art to bake fine Christmas pastries without letting their mothers and grandmothers know that they were baking cookies selling them online. They still don’t know by the way.
This way over the years they offered more and more cookie varieties online.

Why are you now making more kinds of German food in New York, besides your famous Christmas cookies?

The online entrepreneur of our team already had a branch of his online business in the U.S. and the automotive engineer of the team got a job offered here in the U.S. So the decision was easy. We decided to cook and bake the best foods of Bavaria, Germany and Austria – which is one of the reasons why millions of people travel to the Oktoberfest in Munich each year – in New York City. Where else?

Who are your primary customers and where do you sell your German food?

Our primary customers are Germans who live in America and German companies who would like to serve their guests (and sometimes also their employees) authentic German and Bavarian Food at a meeting. But they also hire us for German event catering or order corporate gifts when they need traditional German products at Chrismas for example. But not only Germans and Austrians buy our food products also many Americans who love what they ate at their last Oktoberfest visit or those who just like “not to sweet” desserts for example.
We sell some of our products like the Christmas cookies online and we do also wholesale business with gourmet stores and restaurants, catering we will launch local delivery too.

244 5th Ave, Suite 2437
New York, NY 10001
Call: 347-979-7369

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